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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

day 13 blog 14 looking for the positives

i'm really feeling bummed about no photos to support this post...i'm visiting my mom and sister until tomorrow...but i figure i'll keep promoting more of my friend's blogs that i follow regularly...like carrie frederick's blog. she has submitted writings to various magazines and recently started a blog about her own journeys as a stay-at-home mom. we share a LOT of experiences (she has two boys...one 3...a year younger than sea...and one almost exactly the same age as story...around 1.5) only she is much more clever in her writing style. she totally cracks me up almost every post i read. her latest post is "days like today" which i figured was struggles and instead was the bliss and ideals we could all only hope mommyhood could be regularly...i'm not sure if all these positives really happened in one day but i was both very jealous yet somehow motivated to look for them in my own life...i especially like the part about everyone going to the restroom where they were supposed to all day long as i embark on potty training story...

i had to add one more thing to this post...carrie is co-hosting "loriepalooza" a take-off of lollapalooza (a music festival i attended through most of the 90's along with carrie and other collegiate napa valley friends...interested to learn it was revived in 2003) which is appropriately a celebration of the life of our dear friend lorie who tragically lost her life to a burst blood clot to her brain at age 30 something (check under my label "loss" to find more details from last sept/oct)...it will be a year since her death the weekend of this get together. if i can swing it, it will be wonderful to bring old friends together for an annual celebration of life and one another and missing lorie...carrie is just that sort of person to help make something like that happen...oh, and don't miss her flattering comment below...she really does make people feel wonderful about themselves and like they need more of her in their lives...thank you carrie...this post was meant to build up you!


  1. Denise, you are as kind and generous as you are beautiful, thank you. It did all actually happen in one day, although the temperature at 3 was probably closer to 80. Quite remarkable. As you know, most days are filled with frozen peas. It has been fun to check up on you here, I enjoy your words. Thanks for the "blog off" btw. I have been having a hoot of a time! Cheers to keeping it up at least till the end of the year. Looking forward to our families meshing again sometime soon.

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