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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

day 12 blog 13 balancing capturing life with experiencing it

i think this is an appropriate post to have no photo...one of the local san diego mommy blogs i follow, enviromama, recently addressed the topic of appreciating and experiencing life and moments with our children instead of trying to capture it on film or write about it...you should read her specific example of this...click on the link and then scroll down to the post "struggling to hold on"...she has a meaningful post about the pain of losing her dad and a fun and creative post about a fairy luncheon just before this post...of course i can relate with the loss of my own dad and the attempts to do creative things for our children...if you read through her past posts you'll see that she also believes in "attachment parenting"...she hasn't told me this herself nor used this term per se, but it is just sort of a general style of parenting i fell in to and many of my "hippie" type (minus the drugs....that is what my husband thinks of when i refer to myself as hippie) also adhere to...besides being very child focused, some of the other big principles that throw me in this category include extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping (we are all in one big family bed), and being health focused (in my case: vegetarian, we try to eat organic, grow our own garden, yoga, limited or spread out vaccines, etc). i really didn't mean to go off on that tangent, but thought about some of jen's values in her blog...

ADDED: today i reached in the back seat of my car for my ergo and realized i had thrown it in the wash before i left for my mom's house! how could i forget about the attachment parenting style of "baby wearing" or literally having small children attached to you...i use this particular wrap every day with story and it goes up to 65 lbs so sometimes i even carry sea in it...there are a lot of other great wraps out there i could promote (and used)...one of my close friends even makes them...so more on that another time..

anyway, check jen's site out...i'm going to promote a few more friend's blogs later this week...for now, i'm off to "be" with my children without capturing it in photos or writing about it...share your stories of doing the same!

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