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Thursday, August 27, 2009

day 14 blog 15 "two ones"

umm...this was a mobile photo uploaded to my mom's pc...i miss my mac...i don't know how to make it bigger? hopefully once i get home tomorrow...anyway, it has been over 100 degrees here the past few days and i've been spoiled by san diego weather where 80 degrees is hot...this means my "two ones" as manuel sometimes calls them, have been nursing out of control to stay hydrated. which means even though i was wedged between them and am usually able to sleep in tight quarters otherwise, i couldn't sleep with them competing to nurse...so i'm up. not sure what to do with my time alone. i fantasize about that perfect cup of tea, early morning hours with the sun just coming up, getting in some yoga, reading a good book, writing something meaningful, putting together photo albums of the 50,000 some odd digital photos i need to organize, delete and print...or really just being in my own breath...so that is what i'm doing. if i was at home maybe i would be more productive. but probably not. i don't have a problem with delaying gratification...i suppose i may have the opposite problem? but for now i'm ok with it as i feel at peace and love my "two ones" more than words can find themselves onto this page...

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  1. So sweet.... they are precious!



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