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Thursday, August 13, 2009

day 1 blog 1 blogging challenge

blogging makes me feel alive...chronicling my life generally...a live and more active combination of a daily journal (which i've kept since 3rd grade...regularly since junior high) and family photo albums...except when i haven't blogged in a long time and then i feel guilty, sad, a sense of loss, missed opportunities; like the memories somehow aren't there anymore...

i began this blogging journey back in the day with a post about "blank pages"...explaining how ever since i started keeping a journal i would leave space to fill in missed information or go back to ideas i wanted to elaborate on...more often than not there is more blank space in my journals than writing...in this instance i feel like i should have an entire blank journal to fill in all that i've missed blogging about in the past few months...

so i'm challenging myself to blog every day until...well, no untils...possibly until the end of the year? in fact i'm thinking of making this a challenge to all my blogging friends (or friends who just started blogging) to see how far each of us can go with it...but i want it to be more like a contest with the prize being all participants will post an entry about the winner? so that way we will be motivated to get more readers?

so i will start each blog from now on with the day and the blog # (i'm hoping to do more than 1 blog a day sometimes) and as long as there are more blog numbers than days i will consider myself caught up with the blog a day challenge...i'm hoping to invite other blogging friends to join this challenge and will figure out if there will be a prize or just the satisfaction of regular blogging will be prize enough? i do want to blog about blogging advice i've received (and i'm open to hearing your comments on how to improve my blog or my blogging experience)...and about redefining my identity (an ongoing issue for me)...and maybe even catch friends up on my life (hawaii, sea's birthday, days at the beach, coop preschool...are the big ones that come to mind)...and maybe a blog about why i blog at all? i don't make money doing it...i'm not trying to promote anything...much to think about...

this photo doesn't have too much to do with this "first" blog in the series...but this blog is about my journey as a mommy so an endearing family photo (appropriately a little blurry) taken at the end of a very long day at the beach for sea's 4th birthday seems like as good as any to jumpstart what i hope will be a fun journey to keep up on writing...hopefully it will make for enjoyable reading, too...i look forward to pairing this commitment to blogging regularly with keeping up on your blogs, learning from your journeys and sharing the experiences with one another...


  1. Hi Denise
    Welcome back to your blog! Recently I started a food/yoga/health blog and have been blogging every day for the past 3 weeks. With lots of pics. It's a challenge, but rewarding. Glad you're challenging yourself, too!

  2. Thanks Averie; I love all of those topics and would like to check out your blog of you will add me to your list

  3. I found you by clicking on someone's blog that mentioned another blog that mentioned you! I think it was the Land of Lost Luggage was where your blog was mentioned. I've actually been blogging every day for over a year now. I think I've done 550 days at the least. I have to admit that when I went to Ireland in May, I wrote posts before I went and scheduled them to post each day while I was gone - but I wrote in long hand on a piece of paper on the days that I couldn't find an internet cafe to post my own musings personally. So even on vacation I blogged :)

    It's nice to meet you and I'm excited for you - I hope you enjoy finishing your goal! My goal was (is) to write every day for a year - my year is up the end of November.

    Kristin - The Goat


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