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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sea's 3rd birthday

i can't believe my little baby bunny is 3 years old today! and her little brother will be 5 months old on sunday, the day of her birthday party at the beach. this photo was taken last year at the same beach. i'm inviting two pretty large playgroups in addition to the same people from last year (over 60 came) so i'm expecting a pretty large turn out! i am considering asking some people to bring a snack or drink to be sure we have enough food...if you are reading this and haven't rsvped...please do so we'll have enough favors and cupcakes...sea has plenty of "stuff" in her life so please don't feel like you need to bring a gift (or anything for that matter...we'll just be happy to have you be a part of our special day).

so my mom is in town and i have so much to do...i'm going to go to a mommy and me yoga class with story this morning and feel a little bit guilty about it since it is sea's birthday but she will love hanging out with my mom. my mom taught first grade for 30+ years and is great about engaging her with stories and activities. after class i hope to swing by a children's boutique called "so childish" to look for a few gifts. then i need to go to a party store to get "#3" balloons (i loved having these in the back of the photos from last year), target to look for sand toys/pails, tj maxx to look for random things...oh, i need to stop listing and start doing since it is almost 10 and we haven't had breakfast.

just wanted to say "happy birthday sea" and hope you can come to her party...don't forget to rsvp or e-mail me if you haven't gotten the evite and want to come...

more tonight after we celebrate sea as a family.

love, mommy

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  1. Wanted you to know that Calvin and I had such a great time at the beach today, and thanks for including us in your celebration! Hope everything was just how you wanted it!

    Love, Sarah


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