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Thursday, July 10, 2008

supporting a family and local music TONIGHT

i'm not sure if i have blogged about how much i value a yahoo group i joined with parents committed to attachment parenting but perhaps equally important they are committed to being there for one another. one mom from this group recently posted about her family's struggles after her husband was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. there will be a benefit concert tonight to help them with the medical expenses. it is at the casbah which is literally blocks from our house (those of you who live locally should definitely go...tickets are on sale at the door and you can stop by before or after):


for more details about this story, you can read a local article written in city beat:


$18,000 just for one dose of medicine?! this blog could also be on the travesty of our current health care system...but i digress...

anyway, you can also help by just donating directly here:


this is definitely a worthy cause and so i'm trying to do all i can to help out. i know these moms (and dads) would do the same for me even though many of us have only chatted online. thank you for helping however you can.

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