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Saturday, July 12, 2008

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so i've been composing about 7 different potential blogs in my head that haven't happened (mostly due to lack of sleep and whatever issues were preventing me from sleeping) so this is going to be a hodgepodge of ideas...it is motivated by adding a "my blogs" application to my facebook profile which will allow people on facebook to see new topics i've blogged about and go directly to my blog from the link. this is just one step more intimidating than having the blog url posted there. but it is also liberating to put myself out there and be ok with who i am and what is important to me in a public diary of sorts.

sea's 3rd birthday is in a couple of weeks. her birthday party will be on july 27 but i have many things to do before then:

1. create evite
2. create shutterfly birthday card with the past year's photos
3. order party supplies
4. finish all thank yous from gifts received for story
5. mail story's birth announcement (yes he is almost 5 months old and these have not been mailed out yet) in either birthday card or thank you card --or both--
6. organize/reply to preschool coop
7. buy an extended warranty on our odyssey
8. buy a king sized mattress
9. figure out how to stay within budget for sea's birthday party

which leads me to one of the blogs i was going to write...how to stay within a $300 budget with over 60 people likely to come to sea's party at the beach...first of all we will have cheap food (haystacks...chips, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato...hopefully some rice, maybe enchiladas and guacamole if i can work them in...watermelon...waters, juice for the kids, some other adult drinks...and manuel has volunteered to make the cupcakes--sea's favorite part--in fact, this seems like a good time to add a photo from last year's birthday party at the same place):

i will probably spend the most money (1/3 of my budget) just on creating the birthday cards on shutterfly...but this seems worth it as it is a photo collage with the first photo being from her 2nd birthday party (maybe the one posted here) and the last photo one of the most recent ones with representative photos from the past year around the circumference of the card. the center will say "sea's 3rd birthday". this is a way for me to reflect back on the most memorable aspects of her and her life and actually helps me focus on what is important now or in the future. and i don't have to send updated photos to friends and family all year because they get one summary collage once a year. i did this same thing last year. any readers who received one should give me feedback on whether you liked this or you think it is worth the money...photos are such a huge part of my life it is just good to get them off my computer and used in some way...

so that leaves decorations and favors...last year i tried too hard to get too many of both of these and really the beach is so lovely it doesn't need to be "decorated" so i'll just have some colorful tablecloths and mixed colored balloons with the number "3" on them (see the photo with the "2" in the background) and assume the kids don't need to take a lot home with them...some options for favors are sandpails and toys, mixed beachy beads that can be strung onto a chunky necklace of sorts, beachy stuffed animals like a crab, dolphin, fish, etc....hmm... that is all i can think of right now...oh, there were some rubber duckies with party hats on their heads...i'm trying to come up with something age appropriate that kids would actually like and use without spending too much money.

i'm bored with this post...it has helped me to write down some of the things that i need to do but really i'm just procrastinating and need to do them. those of you who have 3 year olds (or anyone who has suggestions) send me some comments or advice on what has worked for your parties or those you have attended. i should mention there is the beach (waves, sand, etc.) a playground and a grassy area by the picnic tables we will be reserving--la jolla shores beach for those of you who are local--ok...that is all for now...d

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  1. Sounds like you've got it all covered. Have a great party!


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