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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

day 75 blog 62 more to do

so we leave U2 and the cool photo with bono and i can see why back in the day when i didn't have blogging goals i would just leave the last post i liked for a long time...way too long...like, i somehow thought if i left it there more people would find it and keep coming back for more...only the irony is when they came back that same post was all they got and i'm sure i lost readers this way. not that i keep track. i still don't know how to do that...kinda like i don't want to know my IQ...would rather just THINK i'm brilliant than know either way...anyway, i really am mostly blogging for myself and my family and friends to keep up with my current life and to someday look back at and read a photojournalistic version of our life together...but now that i'm "following" several bloggers, i'm starting to get a little more in to the blogging community. this brings with it a lot of interesting posts to read as well as a sense of responsibility to not only keep up with (and record) my own life but several others as well...i'm not complaining, i choose this and enjoy little snippets of others' lives...just sometimes i have trouble striking the balance (an ongoing theme with me you may notice) between LIVING life, writing about it, keeping connected to others, giving back to others, putting my priorities in the right places and not only knowing what i value but living consistently with that knowledge (oh no, back to my thesis...sorry, i can't go down this tangent anymore...)...this also goes back to manuel's "pie" theory which someday i'll try to better articulate...basically he once told me that he thinks everyone's life is conceptually like a pie...the more you put in it, the less each piece gets of you...so i try to choose my slices carefully and give them the attention they deserve...

this post was supposed to be a free association about all the balls i have in the air and how i'm visiting my mom and sister so i don't have photos like i usually like to (remember, i have like 56000 photos on my mac so i have a LOT to choose from for any given post)...but those topics seem so mundane and really i want to write about something more meaningful. but it is late and i stayed up reading friends' blogs and one of them was about taking care of yourself and getting more rest so i'm also feeling guilty that i'm choosing "catching up on my blog" over my health which will affect other areas sooner rather than later...but i drank too much chai driving here and i'm wide awake...story crying...more later...


  1. You are awesome whether you know Bono or not! :)

    But its fun sometimes to reflect on famous relationships and stories. This is a guess onmy part because I have never been able to do that! lol


  2. oh, just to clarify, i don't think i'm awesome in any way that i met bono...just random...but it was a cool moment of reflection and i wasn't sure what to post about next that was as interesting...thank you for your support in building me up...

  3. Don't forget.....you can skip blogging....nothing will happen. :)

  4. When I become overwhelmed with life, I put on my own mask first, then help others around me...which means that I blog my stuff first and if I have a moment or two I go read my blogging friends posts. If I have time after that, I comment. Sometimes it takes me 10 min. to comment as I write and delete and edit and write and ponder if I should really say that, etc.

    It's a balancing act that's for sure - I like your reference to a pie. We don't want too few slices, nor too many. :) This month my pie was at home while I was away, so I had a loaner pie. That pie was missing it's middle I do believe as none of my structure was normal lol

    You do a wonderful job blogging and you will get better and faster. There is no rush :) It's a pleasure getting to know you!

    Kristin - The Goat


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