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Friday, October 2, 2009

day 51 blog 42 friday funk

sorry to go from every day blogging to such a dry spell...it started when my router went down so i only could get on the internet every now and then...and didn't have access to my computer and my photos...then we went on a road trip to sacramento (we live 9 hours away in san diego) for manuel's sister's baby shower...took a side trip to the napa valley to visit friends and then stayed with the in-laws in ventura for a day on the way home...this took another 5 days away from blogging...tried to update on my iphone and it would only let me type in titles but no content...well i've been "blogging" in my head and in journals so i have LOTS of material to catch you up once once we get the router hooked up this weekend.

i titled this "friday funk" because last night when i had the time to blog, i just didn't feel it. i missed manuel and was glad to just "be" with him...hanging out...watching t.v., talking in bed once the children fell asleep...to add to the funk, it is very gray out right now. started out sunny but now it is cooler like a season change...even a few large rain drops! i'll miss our days at the beach but welcome the change...this photo was taken from our trip to hawaii in may (this shot in front of the big hotels of honolulu) and the sky matches my mood and the weather here now but i love how manuel and sea's love for one another and connection draws you in...

tonight we are going to a friend's "birthday party" which is just dessert and drinks at a park with other mommies, daddies and lots of kids...i have a lot of laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc to do...unpacked last night and made lists upon lists of things i'm behind on...i do have some new challenges for myself to be more motivated and productive:

1) if i'm thinking of it, see it, etc. i should just do it in that moment
2) only touch something once...i.e. file away the mail before putting it in a pile to go through later, put the kid's clothes in their drawers instead of just in piles to put away later, etc.
3) make lists only after completing something...whoops, guess this is going in to effect after this list...anyway, i think it will be more rewarding to make lists of what i have accomplished than to waste time making lists of things i hope to do and then getting overwhelmed by how they grow and there is always more to do

i'm procrastinating just by making this list...just wanted to share some of the things i've been up to and contemplating. i have a lot of photos to illustrate many topics i've been swirling around in my head...just have to get the new computer and new router hooked up...off to balance being productive and sleeping myself while story naps...

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