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Sunday, January 27, 2008

living or remembering

my signature is "live"...a constant reminder to do just that...i tend to spend more time recording life in some way...usually photos or journaling or even just analyzing what has happened, what will happen...but i really want to dedicate to being in the moment and LIVING...experiencing at the expense of forgetting if necessary. this morning my contractions have slowed down so i can just BE...listen to sea explain the bandaid she made out of peanut butter, sing about the rain drops falling with a "pitter, pitter, pat..."...noticing the trains calling in the distance ...journeying somewhere...i am on this journey...

i'm off to experience it...


  1. Yay, comments! I am enjoying what you're writing, keep it coming.

  2. That's a struggle for me as well. I am most frustrated by my kids, my life, my husband, etc when I'm not living in the moment. When I slow down and accept each moment (as hard as that is and it's really hard) everything becomes so much easier.

    Thanks for the reminder!


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