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Sunday, September 18, 2011

catching up and losing teeth

 this first photo is of sea wiggling her super loose top tooth with her tongue...it will most likely come out today...i woke up earlier than i wanted to...cleaned up the dinner dishes mess we left last night when we went to bed earlier than we planned, made chamomile tea to focus on being calm and prepared myself for a few minutes of time alone to blog before anyone woke up...sea beat me to all that...she came out for mommy and sea time though now she is talking about watching her favorite show martha speaks (she wants to feed her doggy alphabet soup to see if she's talk)...right now sea is rolling around with kyra on her dog bed...pablo (shown below with story) is about to (finally) go to sleep next to my keyboard while i type after a long night of crying and scampering around...off to start our day and get ready for the beach!

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