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Sunday, January 4, 2009

experiencing life versus finding meaning in it

i found this photo randomly near the end; without searching for the perfect representation or symbol (read--"meaning") of the idea i'm trying to explain...looks like sea, story and my cat isaac are doing a good job just exeriencing life...well, the reality of life is that despite the long list of things to do, things i want to write, ideas i've captured mentally but haven't gotten down into too many blogs...my children need me...now...they can't eat breakfast by themselves today (ok, story can...and now that i've declared that, sea is happily feeding brother so even though i just burnt the toast and i'm hungry, i'll continue with this idea...)

so many of my blogging friends are good at this idea of living instead of just writing about living (a hard balance when keeping a blog)...so my next post is going to be a bloggers challenge for the new year...to keep me focused on this idea and to blog more...


  1. I love this photo. So cute and pure.

  2. thanks christian...i feel like i've lost touch with so many people...haven't even met your new little one who will be 1 soon, right? do you have a blog?

  3. Yes, Will will be 1 in March. I don't have a blog - maybe some day. We are up in Toronto, Canada now, just for the year (for my husband's job). Not sure where after that. I think the first year with a baby makes you feel like you lose touch - I certainly feel that way some days. I am trying to just remember that it is a relatively short period of time, to be enjoyed, even though some days it has you so busy. I love reading your blog and your kids are the cutest ever.


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