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Friday, June 27, 2008

road trip to corpus christi overview

it is 7:41 a.m. and i have been up for almost 2 hours...we are halfway through our road trip and other than a few notes in my journal i have not chronicled this trip at all! i have some great photos but not nearly as many as i'd hoped. i will post photos to the corresponding blogs once i get the ideas down. i'm excited to have the family sleeping and an hour or so of free mommy time to bask in the sunlight pouring through the lobby window...enjoying way too many pastries (bear claw/almond/marzipan type pastry is my favorite) and a lot of coffee....lounging in my pjs...and thinking of the possibilities for the day now that we are "here" and not on our way somewhere else.

my dear friend ana is getting married here tomorrow. she is staying at the nicer hotel next door and we are in a somewhat rundown quality inn..it has a "beachy" feel to it and we have a great view of the ocean (technically the bay since we are on the gulf of mexico side), sand, pool and a grassy area.

ana is getting married in a church...this was originally something her parents really wanted but with 90+ degree weather (already, before 8 a.m.) and too much humidity (thunderstorms are expected the next couple of days so yeah, we may hit 100% humidity) i think we will all be grateful to be indoors. the reception will be at the aquarium. should be cool. she has some great friends and ana has been very good at keeping us all updated on one another so i feel like i know these people pretty well. in lieu of a rehearsal dinner she is having a pizza, beer and wine social tonight.

ok, that is pretty much where we are at now. so i'll give you an overview of where we have been and where we are going and then start posting "day 1" etc. type posts to pretend like i have been updating this blog all along. that will also make it feel more like a "dear diary" type entry which i love...

we left friday, june 20 around 9 p.m...m had hoped to get off work early. his parents had hoped to be there the day before. we had hoped to be completely packed so we could literally jump in the car. none of these things happened and coordinating the agendas and junk of four adults and two children took way too long. sea still managed to be happy as a clam and stayed up singing much of the drive.

story just woke up...more later...d

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