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Thursday, January 28, 2010


that is how story pronounces "rudolf" when he is frantically trying to find him, wants him, sees him...i think this little deer could become story's "goggin" (a little white tiger sea attached herself to when she was about his age)...so all my photos (excessive, i know) are actually of sea, the big sister, holding "ooh-ah" shortly after acquiring him...
last sunday we went to a swap meet near our house...only a few bucks to walk around on a rather sunny san diego day together as a family thinking about random things we might need in our life...we actually found quite a few things...i got two sweatshirts for $5 each, several old-school seventies bowls with like bright lime green flowers on them, etc. that match our old school home, i even got a percolator for just one more way to make coffee...any advice would be appreciated...i LOVE my french press and thought it would be a similar concept but i made the grounds too coarse and the coffee was too weak...i'm getting off track here...my point was just that we spent all the money we brought and didn't intend to spend and on the way out story saw "ooh-ah" and pointed frantically and we had to say "i'm sorry, we don't have even a dollar left..." but once they started playing "rudolf the red-nosed reindeer" and saw our children light up, sing along AND dance right there they handed it over for free...i should have made a note of who they were and if they were there regularly to support them more...i apologize for all the photos that follow but i can visualize both children singing along with every different angle and view of "ooh-ah" so really this post is about holding on to that memory for me...some cute photos, too...

i'm sorry i haven't been as active on here as i'd like to be...we are in the process of researching kindergartens for sea and my head has been spinning...i'm also on the planning committee for my 20-year high school reunion which has gotten me thinking about my own childhood (i went to the same school for 12 years) and what i want to re-create and avoid with my children...i intended to a do a long free association post on the topic and it was just too much and i felt too drained so i posted these photos instead to remind myself of the more important parts of parenting...my children and the little moments with them...


  1. WOW - this is called "Love at first Sight" no doubt about it. You are lucky you have captured these moments. Thanks for stopping by the Honeysuckles. Love your comment. You know Rorschach might be spinning in his grave at what we are all doing with ink blots. LOL - or we are telling the world a whole lot of stuff about our stuff we don't know..... call the psychs.... LOL

  2. i love when you can HEAR your kids by just looking at a picture! Those are really fun pics! My 15 year reunion is coming up and I think we are going to wait until my 20 year since we will have a newborn. Have fun with the planning!

  3. No idea how to help with the percolator, but I LOVE how you spend time with your family. What a fun day!!


  4. How fun and she is absolutely adorable! She loves that little Rudolf! :)

  5. My younger daughter has one of these and LOVES it, too. While most Christmas things are boxed up for the year, THIS one stays out. Merry Christmas all year round. :)


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