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Monday, January 18, 2010

mousy ears and helping haiti

one last disneyland shot...story put on his mickey mouse ears today...i really want to update this blog every couple days and i feel SO behind i'm not sure where to start...i think i should begin in the present and only allow myself to work backwards if i have time...otherwise i'm always behind...i feel like i spend more time thinking about what to write, analyzing, reading other blogs, making lists of what to write about, etc. and then the free time never comes...i've felt badly about haiti and self-absorbed...posting about disneyland! ha! while so many people are dead and just trying to survive...here are a few bloggers who said it better than i have made the time or effort to do so:

philosophical... heather of the extraordinary ordinary or ways to help on her blog here

elizabeth esther or you can help directly through her blog here

meg at penny carnival's suggestion to buy from a handmade community craft hope...

emily at wide open spaces or you can also help here on her blog...

or just practical advice like being prepared for emergencies ourselves, thanks julie prichard...

i'm enjoying reading others' and now it is late and everyone here is under the weather...plus our weather is cold and rainy with more of the same for the rest of the week...more later...

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  1. You have such a big heart!!

    Lov those Mickey ears... I am a HUGE fan of Disney and we are actaully going next December. These pictures and memories make me want to go NOW!



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