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Thursday, December 17, 2009

day 126 blog 108 too much xmas card

this photo was taken january of this year...right after we sent our non-xmas holiday photo cards out...so i loved it enough to include it in this year's card...only i just printed them out...along with our recent photo card, 2 page holiday letter, sea's drawing and sea's reflections on xmas...yes, i nearly sent out a book...manuel asked me if anyone else did this or if i thought it was a little excessive...representative of the too much we have going on here in our house...and he is right...what to cut out? can't i appreciate these little things about my children without feeling like i have to send them to everyone? how do you balance the overwhelming love you have for your children and all the adorable moments you share with them without screaming about it to everyone? i'm going to post the holiday letter contents in a few days (once people have received them) so you can see what i'm talking about....hope to assemble these packets and mail them today...we've been without internet for 3 days so that has been a mixed blessing...i've been going to bed at 9ish! still so behind on everything...truly hope to post thanksgiving, xmas decorating, xmas parties, etc. photos before the end of the year...and read up on your lives...


  1. I think the "packets" sound fantastic! And that picture is lovely.

  2. That picture is precious! Can't wait to see the "book" :)

  3. It's your card you can put as much or as little into it as you want :) Seriously, that photo is so cute, I can see why you included it and I have a family friend who sends out a mini booklet each Christmas and I love it. :)

  4. Hi there@ Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and looking us up. We loved your christmas card too -thanks so much - all we knew about San Diego was the aquarium ???

    When you are here in Aus next you are more than welcome to come on down to Dudley and visit our beach - we like to beach 365 - rain hail or shine. Only sometimes in the water though!

    Hi to Sea and Story and thanks for the crafting!



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