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Saturday, December 12, 2009

day 121 blog 107 sunshine sabbath school singing

i don't know if any other bloggers have trouble moving past a post...like after i wrote a memorial type post about my dad on the anniversary of his death i couldn't think of anything else to say...or like i was leaving him behind if i wrote anything else? i think you have to lose someone that close to you to understand...anyway, looking at the last post i wrote (which wasn't that interesting)...but that photo of story hugging sea...what to write?

i'm up early getting the children ready for sabbath school (corollary of sunday school only on saturday)...i've been co-leading there for over a year...love how interactive the class is with all the kids doing something most of the time, moving, singing at the top of their lungs, filled with happiness, love...for each other, Jesus...the innocence, simple joys...

this video was taken at thanksgiving time at manuel's parents' church in oxnard. the children are singing "climb up sunshine mountain"...love sea's cororful outfit and tights and story kinda getting in on the mix...they both LOVE music, singing, dancing, moving...


  1. I love Sea's beautiful tights and dress! What an adorable video! Miss you guys!

  2. The video is just too cute!


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