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Friday, June 26, 2009

missed opportunities and the loss of mj

stories of michael jackson's death and life and effect on the world were swirling on our television last night. i had a sense of shared sadness...being part of something bigger than myself... similar to how i felt when i found out that princess diana had died. the sense that many people could relate with one another over a loss of someone they didn't know personally but somehow impacted their lives. i could free associate about mj...the king of pop influenced my generation in many ways and i have my own memories of his music at key points in my developmental years. but i suppose on a grander scale i am sad more personally for him. he fought so many demons and i felt like he had a good heart and wanted to give to others what he himself couldn't achieve. mostly i can relate with how misunderstood he felt and am sad he may not have achieved resolution in fundamental aspects of his life. this is yet another reminder to me to not miss opportunities to clean out my own skeletons and focus on those i care most about. i love this photo of my family...m watching the mj coverage, sea snuggling up to him and story laughing on his back oblivious...

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