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Sunday, March 15, 2009

coop preschool holi festival of colors

here are the details of this class lead by charita and payal at my house:

"This hindu festival is celebrated on full-moon day bringing together people from all religions, cultures, castes, colors and races in India and various parts of the world. The festival officiates Vasant - or Spring (much like how Halloween ushers in autumn). During the day children and adults unite my splashing colors at each other. There is a bonfire lit at nights to ward off the evil spirits and symbolically getting rid if the dried foliage to welcome new sprouts....how I wish we could do that!! Holi is also associated with "A festival of radiance (Tej)" in the universe. During this festival, different waves of radiance traverse the universe, thereby creating various colors that nourish and complement the function of respective elements in the atmosphere.
So let get together transcending all differences to get drenched in colors of fun and love!
Pls have change of clothes, for kids its preferable to have them put on oversized adult old white tees, and bring your squirt bottles. We will be making almond drink with saffron and almonds (typically some 'hash' is added for fun, but we will skip that...hahaha)!!"

and now some photos of said celebration...you can see that sea has no shortage of color on her...

throwing water balloons filled with colored water over the hill (afraid throwing them at each other wouldn't work out with our 3-year-olds...):

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  1. Great pix! I am sure u have tons more from what Charita indicated...do post them as well...cheers!


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