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Monday, October 27, 2008

urban walk to the bay

sunset is a common time for us to take this walk but to be honest, none of these photos were taken last night...we got in one of our last urban walks from our house (outside of our spanish building built in the 20's shown here):

so we live on a hill (this is juniper street) looking out over the runway of the airport and the bay. we head down brant street towards downtown, turn right and cross the busy on ramp traffic onto hwy 5 and continue down hawthorne street all the way down to the bay. then we head left along the PCH (the sidewalk right along the bay) looking at the new sculptures/art placed there)
this is one of the sculptures...the wheels spin in the wind:
...here is a close up of sea and story sharing space in the mountain buggy double stroller (which i love so much i'm linking you to a jogging stroller site that discusses them...we use it so often i believe it is worth every penny but check craigslist...we got this eggplant colored one for less than half price):

we could continue walking towards downtown (which we usually do on weekends...people watch everyone in restaurants, clubs, walking around)...but last night we just walked down to the star of india which is the ship my father was admiring when he passed away on a walk with manuel...last night manuel took his ipod and speakers down with us and we were listening to jewel's break me song...i was in my own thoughts so i wasn't paying attention to all of the lyrics which now that i pull them up they don't really fit as nicely as i'd idealized but we had just gotten to the end of the ship and were ready to turn and cross the street to head up ash when the song ended with "let me... feel your love again" and this brought tears to my eyes imagining actually holding on to my dad again...

here is the view as we headed back up ash with the bay behind us...
just as we were going to cross the rail road tracks a train came through...again, i felt my dad speaking to me...but shortly after this a paramedic ambulance type vehicle came wailing past and i was reminded about the reality/rawness of this happening when i lost my dad...

once we cross the RR tracks, we turn left on india street and walk down the main street in little italy past all the restaurants and cafes and all the people smiling at our children sleeping together...then right up grape and up a steep hill and left on albatross across to our home...

well the kids are screaming at each other (sea is trying to make story laugh by bugging out her eyes and making loud noises...then rolling away on her little car so he will chase her...) so i'm off to make breakfast...but just wanted to capture this walk...we need to take walks a little later i fear as the kids crashed by 7 which put them up at 7...i prefer the 8 to 8 schedule...


  1. I too lost my father in a very sudden raw sort of way, you can read about it on my elpasoadventure.blogspot.com I get the intense bursts of tears and grief. I think it is very sane way to deal with things. You are a strong mamma.

  2. Hi Denise,

    We have the Mtn. Buggy stroller in navy. LOVE it. It is so maneuverable.

    Such a neat area you are it. It is really beautiful!

    I feel that the way that I can remember Lorie and offer her some sort of a legacy is to be in closer contact to the people who loved her. Her gift to me I suppose as she has such wonderful friends.

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! John may wear his kitty costume long enough to get a picture and Zach looks great as a pumpkin. Both costumes are hand me downs from Vickie. We will try trick or treating next door at our neighbor/friends house. It will be a first. We'll see how things go. One never knows. Bats are associated with Halloween because back in the day on All Hallow's Eve, they used to light bon fires and bats came to eat the mosquitoes that were attracted by the firelight. Just though I'd share that little tidbit I just learned thanks to the History Channel.

    Sweet Home Alabama came into my head as BOTH kids are down for a nap on a rainy Friday. I love it.

    Your blog is really neat, thank you for sharing it with me.

    Take care,


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