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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

through the eyes of a child

i took this photo of sea last week during coop preschool when her task was to "see" through her homemade binoculars...she was wearing her big eyed owl shirt and our topic was vision (we are making our way through the senses)...as i looked down the tp tube at her too blue eyes innocently staring back in to mine, i realized I was the one who needed a new vision...to look through her eyes for awhile...this idea has been brewing in my head...too far in the back i'm afraid to make it to this blog but now that lorie's memorial is over i am ready to focus on life again.

i'm like 30 blogs behind on my friends' lives (learning how to make homemade kombucha --thanks elaine --sounds like it should be on the top of one of my reads since i spend about $4 on this drink too often)...have way too many e-mails in my inbox, need to send the memorial booklet to way too many people--yes i underestimated how many people would want one--let me know if you are one of them and you haven't told me already... (this means deleting a lot of "sent" mail, too in order to not be nearing the max my e-mail mailbox can hold), way behind on facebook, and these are just the things that i WANT to do...bills, laundry, packing, groceries, cooking, the usuals haven't even made it to my "to do" list yet. but i'm ok with that. focusing on life sometimes mean focusing on the small and more fundamentally important things when the bigger less important things seem to be smothering me. it feels good to be a part of this active, dynamic, moving forward community instead of wallowing in my loss which turns out is a LOT of people's loss...the memorial book will help me spread the love that was lorie and i ended my contribution with the idea i presented here:

"I imagine you as a wee one…watching you through the eyes of sea; vivacious, spirited, full of life, laughing at the small things, at yourself, connecting with so many people...your spirit lives on"

may i embrace life as you did, help others feel as special and cherished as i always did when i was with you...may i LIVE NOW...in the moment...
had to add one more photo of sea's "eyes"...taken a few days ago...

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  1. this brought tears to my eyes, beautiful words Denise!


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