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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

thank you

so sea's birthday party is long over and i've had trouble regrouping and getting back in to daily life...one weight on my mind is how many people i haven't thanked! for coming to the party, helping with planning, implementation and the cleanup afterwards, and for the gifts...

we have been spreading the gift opening out; opening one every few days or weeks so this means thank you cards are delayed (they probably would be anyway)...i usually obsess over a cute way to make thank-you's of sea playing with her gift and personalizing this for each gift giver and then never end up printing out the photo...so this year i am toying with doing online thank yous (still individual of course) and including a photo without having to print them. i know miss manners or some person who believes they know the correct way to do these things would definitely not approve but as sea slowly opens gifts this is my hope, goal, challenge. you may still end up with just a basic thank you card sent way too late...until then, may this be a transitional thanks to all for gifts, friendship, time spent together...

sincerely, denise, manuel, sea and story

p.s. this photo of sea was taken when sea was 8 months old...you can see how much redder her hair is so i suppose story's could still lighten

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