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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

in memory of granddaddy

ok so tomorrow, may 28, 2008 is the 2nd anniversary of the loss of my dad. i thought this photo was fitting...from the 70's, in front of our house with our dog snowflake and my dad with his arm around all of us...last year i did a photo tribute mostly with photos of sea and i am so sad that he never got to meet story. i feel like there is so little to say and yet so much that i could say. i would love for any of you who knew him to post memories/positive thoughts about him when you get the chance. i'm really hoping to keep his memory alive in as many ways as possible. my son is already working on doing that with his smile...maybe that will be my photo for the post tomorrow summarizing my tribute to my dad. i'm looking forward to watching videos of him with sea although they will be difficult to watch...i hope she can enjoy them since i try to talk about granddaddy all the time but haven't gotten to show her as many photos/videos as i'd like.

thanks to all of you for your support and love now and in the past...

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