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Saturday, October 22, 2011

family days and paul simon concert

 i love this adoring photo of sea and her daddy...surrounded by her favorite color orange and brightly colored flowers...she brings so much joy to our lives...manuel has been sick for a couple of weeks...today i lead sabbath school and took the children to church while he got some much needed rest. normally we would pack up a picnic of some sort (something easy like homemade bean and cheese burritos) and head to our community pool or if we had enough energy, the beach. the weather was borderline...about 70 and a little cloudy...but we would have done it but for his low energy and illness. so we had a relaxing family day in...i had hoped to make it to a friend's baby shower but knew this would be pushing it for manuel so instead we ate slowly...enjoyed one another's company...spent time in our yard...it is still quite sunny out (the kids are pretending they are at the beach complete with a blanket, beach umbrella, pails, etc. in the backyard) and dog is chasing them in and out...the lighting in this next photo reminds me of my dad because he died close to sunset but more importantly because we often took walks together, just the two of us, when the light was really golden like this...so i'm including this photo because it is taken in our yard, peaceful and the lighting reminds me of family and memories i have and memories i'm making...
 we all love paul simon...he reminds me of early dating days with manuel but the kids also love singing his songs on the way to the beach...it will be great to see the show tonight...finally, i love the sparkle in sea's eyes and her freckles and smile and that is about all i have time to post about :)

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