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Monday, May 4, 2009

new beginnings

ahh...embracing the inner flower child in me (that is more or less out these days)...here is a photo of my daughter sea after picking daisies with my mom...not sure where i'm going with this except that i'm so behind on topics i want to blog about...and it is early may so i have a brand new journal with lots of empty pages and long lists of things i hope i will do...so before i move forward i wanted to list some things i may or may not get around to blogging about :
--easter (complete with the children painting and hunting for eggs)
--the memorial service at puc (napa valley)
--m's reunion from bakersfield academy
--m's reunion from monterey bay academy
--going blonde (way too many photos of getting my hair lightened at paul mitchell the school)
--joining flickr and all the photos i need to put up
--gardening (definitely a work in progress...photos...what to do now...)
--hosting earth day for coop preschool
--hanging out at the beach

and then there are all my to do lists...i'm trying to get it together to host coop preschool this wednesday with a celebrating moms theme...make mother's day cards to mail, interview the 3-year-olds about what they love about their moms (to compare to answers they give when they are older), read stories and sing songs celebrating moms...it is late so i will sign off from this topic and leave you with a short story and supporting photo from the mouth of sea...

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