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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the nail fairy, two teeth halfway in and losing my dad again

yesterday morning i woke up to a very large scratch on story's face and although this was later determined to be caused by my ring sometime in our sleeping together, i feared it was the claw-like nails on both children so i clipped story's nails while he looked up at me patiently and had to do sea's while she was sleeping since she is normally very fearful of this (hence my avoidance of the task altogether). when she woke up she immediately looked at her nails and said something like "where did they go?" and so manuel, a quick thinking dad placed a quarter behind her head and said "the nail fairy came and got them...look, she left you a quarter!" so here is a photo of my "butterfly" costume holding story my little lady bug...i think these wings were meant to be fairy wings, though...

so that is one story i wanted to share but one of the most noteworthy milestones for story right now is that he has two top teeth that are halfway in! this is crazy because sea was so fussy whenever hers were trying to come in that i thought i would have signs including hard nubs that slowly poked through but i missed all this and yesterday, there they were, one completely crooked in a way only a mom could think was super cute...i'll try to get a photo of them today but story likes to keep things in his mouth and doesn't give me as many teethy grins as this one of sea at just about his age now (yes she had a LOT more hair and now that i'm looking at it, i guess it was a lot redder at that age)

finally, this one was taken of the two of them a couple of months ago. sea is so proud to be a big sister and story adores her...i put this photo in for several reasons...one to see that story and sea look more alike when they are (were) both about 9 months old so i think they will grow to look even more alike...but another reason i put this in was to remind myself of how much i love the two of them and to focus on them instead of moping around and feeling sorry for myself. part of me is so excited about moving in to our new house this next weekend...all the opportunities and new beginnings this will offer but another part of me feels like yet another door to my past is closing and i'm fundamentally depressed my dad can't be here during this stage in my life...

so i'll focus on my snuggles with sea and story "mommy, i want to yay on your yap..."

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  1. I love the picture of the two mini Avitias together! What beautiful babies you have!


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